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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Why are nuts preserved whole on the bar instead of crushed?

A. Crushed nuts lose some of their nutty flavor, so we have chosen to include only whole nuts so that our customers may experience only the most flavorful varieties of nuts. They also get stuck in your teeth if they are crushed up!

Q. Why do your CHOCtops sit on top of the bar instead of being pushed inside?

A. At CHOCbite we value not only the best tasting chocolate and toppings, but also the most pleasing presentation. Placing our CHOCtops on top of the bar provides the best experience for the senses. Each topping is specially placed for the best visual appeal. When you open the box you can smell the combination of all the different toppings and the decadent chocolate, and the visual presentation allows you to you know exactly what you are biting into each time for the full tasting experience. We hope you enjoy!!

Q. How should the chocolate be stored before consumed?

A. DO NOT refrigerate it! Please just leave the bars in a dark place (not your mouth) when storing them under 75 degrees.

Q. Is your chocolate organic?

A. At this time our chocolate is not organic, because we are investigating the true meaning of organic for the chocolate industry. Presently smaller organic farmers are being excluded from calling their produce organic because they simply cannot afford to jump through the hoops that an official “organic” designation would require.

Q. How big are the bars?

A. 3 oz of pure gourmet covertures chocolate. The chocolate boxes are 3 7/8” x 4 5/8” x ½”.

Q. Do you have any sugar-free bars.

A. At this time we do not have any sugar-free bars, but we are looking sugar-free options for the future.

Q. Can I put my logo on one of your bars for marketing or special events?

A. Yes, if you order over 100 bars we will gladly customize the labels for you. Please contact us via telephone or email with your information and we will be glad to help you.

Q. How long will it take to receive my chocolate bars?

A. With manufacturing, packaging, and shipping times, it typically takes about a week to receive your bar.

Q. Is your chocolate kosher?

A. All of our chocolate is kosher. However, we do manufacture everything in a commercial kitchen that is not certified kosher, and our toppings are not kosher (especially the bacon).

Q. Is your chocolate nut-free?

A. All of our chocolate is nut-free, however our commercial kitchen uses nuts.

Q. Is your chocolate vegan?

A. Our CHOCdark and CHOCblack are vegan, but our kitchen and equipment are used with dairy products.

Q. Is your chocolate gluten-free?

A. All of our chocolate is gluten-free, but our kitchen, equipment, and toppings are not.

Q. Why can’t I come and pick up my local order?

A. We cannot let the public into our commercial kitchen, as it is a sterile environment and we work very odd hours.